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Ghost in the Tokaido Inn

The book is about Seike and he saw a ghost in a hotel! He is trying to find the ghost. He meets the judge named Judge Uku. Judge Uka Helps him find the ghost. The ghost started sinking into the floor! He had red eyes too.  The book is good, but it’s not my favorite.

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How to Steal a Dog

I am reading how to steal a dog. The main  character  is Georgina and her little brother toby.They are both really poor and live in a car. They need about $500 to get a new apartment because they really hate there car. Georgina has a plan, She is going to steal a dog from a […]

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I read 11 Birthdays. The book is by Wendy Mass the main character is Amanda and Leo. Amanda and Leo used to be best friends. They had every birthday together. Until there 10th birthday party. Leo said bad things about Amanda, but didn’t mean it. Leo’s friends made him say it. Amanda over heard him. […]

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Mr poppers Penguins

Mr. Poppers Penguins Mr. Popper is a man who is a painter.  He loves the Antarctic. He loves penguins too! One day he gets a penguin in a big box. The penguins name is Captain Cook. I don’t want to say how he got the name because I think its funny how the penguin got […]

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Sideways story from wayside school

Sideways story from Wayside school In Mrs Jewls classroom there is a bunch of boys and girls that all have different funny personalities.  For example, there was a girl named Bebe who was the fastest artist in Mrs. Jewls class.  She could draw a cat in two seconds.  Calvin sat next to Bebe and was […]

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